Paul co-ordinated financial appraisals for and launched several multi-million pound projects whilst with Rank. He communicates well at all levels from staff to board, and has outstanding knowledge of the gaming market.
David Boden, ex MD, Rank Gaming
Paul has the unique blend of betting and gaming experience at the front end whilst also understanding the corporate perspective which makes him well placed for the future of gaming.
Daniel Lindsay, Aristocrat Gaming
Paul operated successfully in the gaming fields across casinos and bingo clubs and can provide business analysis, marketing and business development services as well as highlighting operational improvements that can significantly improve returns.
Tony Gibbons, MD, Noble Organisation
Paul responded quickly to our request to assist in recommendations for security procedures in our casinos, and understood the level and scope of our requirements.
Simon Walton, Director, Astral Marine
Paul brings to his brief a wealth of experience in a professional and
discreet manner, and is a worthwhile resource to draw upon in the absence of regulation
David Hickson, MD, Fitzwilliam casino Dublin